SArah Karsmarski L.Ac., MTCM

Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture & Herbs 


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Sarah is a deeply caring and talented healer.  She really listens to me and I always feel like I'm getting excellent care. I first saw Sarah when I was going through extreme stress and having digestive problems.  She was able to help me reduce my stress and worked with me extensively on diet planning.  Within a few sessions I was feeling like myself again!  I still see her regularly because she has a wealth of knowledge to share, and uses different techniques that I love-cupping, heat, electro- plus I just feel better after a treatment!

Jaimie V.~Santa Cruz Designer

"The ONLY hands I will EVER allow to do acupuncture on me! After some highly effective treatments with Sarah, I realized this about her: Sarah has an intuitive ability to read your body and all of its clues, then process that information into "Plain English" specifically geared toward healing you. I have no doubt her treatments and suggestions have lead me to a healthier and higher quality of life. Since starting acupuncture, herbs, and exercises recommended by Sarah, my quality of life, energy, and overall sense of well-being seems to keep increasing! 
​Thank you Sarah for all you have done for me and others in Santa Cruz!"
​-Rob A. ~Santa Cruz Business Owner
I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT ACUPUNCTURIST FOR ME! Sarah is one of my top favorite healers in Santa Cruz.  This says a lot considering how many skilled people I have gone to in our area.  Sarah is highly effective, very personable and goes the extra few steps in giving me information and follow up resulting in the outstanding progress to my injured knee, digestion, and emotional imbalances.  Thank you Sarah!!!!!!!

-Noelle N.~Santa Cruz Holistic Chef